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    Incredible nebulae and distant galaxies. 

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    Close-up views of Earth's own star.

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    See what we use to look into space.

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The Oregon Observatory. Billions and billions of sights to see. When our roofs disappear we have the largest collection of telescopes for public viewing in the United States.

Feast your eyes on faraway galaxies. Witness a meteor shower. Get a glimpse of globular clusters, nebulae and deep space binary stars, as well as our closest star, the Sun. There's no better place than the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver.

Sunriver's elevation, pitch-dark surroundings, and crystal clear air make it perfect for stargazing. At the Oregon Observatory, you won't be lining up just for one quick peek. We have many of our telescopes set up for your enjoyment, from Tele Vue refractors to our 30-inch Newtonian. 

So if you really want to see the sights of Bend and Central Oregon, then we want to see you at the Oregon Observatory.  

Astronomy and rocketry conveniently located in Oregon's most popular destination resort, adjacent to the Sunriver Nature Center.

All of this made possible by our supporters and friends. All telescopes, equipment and  buildings made possible by generous donations.