A significant portion of the yearly cost to operate the Sunriver Nature Center and Oregon Observatory comes from generous donations. In addition to monetary donations, all of the equipment used in the observatory has either been donated to us, or purchased using donations. Most of the expansion projects at the Nature Center & Observatory were undertaken through generous donations from the community.  Large donations can be directed towards projects that are of particular interest to you or applied towards the general fund or endowment.

We are also lucky enough to receive hundreds of smaller donations every year.  These are essential to the operation of the Nature Center and Observatory. These donations can be made as part of your membership renewal.

Donations go toward improving our existing facility, adding to our existing facility, and improving or maintaining current equipment. Below is a list of current projects the observatory is undertaking as well as some equipment or improvements the organization is looking to acquire to better educate the community.

Support the observatory by making a donation (this link will take you to an external site hosted by Blackbaud for altruistic designations)