The Oregon Observatory has a wonderful selection of telescopes, made possible by our generous donors.

Not all the stories are here. However, we will be adding more details and pictures as we continue to build this page.

Here is a list of our night time telescopes. Click here to check out our solar telescopes

Matthews 30" Newtonian telescope-  The Matthews family made this wonderful donation in 2012. This telescope has been the highlight of many star parties in the Northwest over the years. The staff would go over to Corwin's camp site and drool over the views in this amazing telescope. The telescope has a 30" mirror, at f4.3, with a Starlight Feathertouch focuser, filter wheel, laser pointer, digital setting circles and much more! When the scope arrived here, we set it up in the Glass Starport, and realized it needed a home of it's own. In 2013, the Karen Clarke Star Deck was constructed, this has allowed the Matthews 30" scope to have it's own roll off building. Be sure to come check out the excellent workmanship, and the fantastic views!

Martin 20" StarMaster Newtonian telescope- Dennis Martin has been a volunteer at the Oregon Observatory for many years, and has helped us out many times before. This telescope was Dennis's replacement for his 18" scope ( see below ) and has been a standout at many of the Mt. Bachelor Star Parties. We are very excited that this wonderful telescope will have a new home in the Karen Clark Star Deck! This scope is a Starmaster 20" f4.3, with a Zambuto mirror. It features a goto computerized Sky Commander controller, with a Starlight Feathertouch focuser. What a amazing tool, and the views of the Veil Nebula are amazing!

Yocum 20" Ritchey-Chretien telescope- The Yocum family timing could not of been better. In 1999, when we were getting ready to construct the Robert Glass Starport, we were looking to replace our 12.5" Newtonian telescope that was in the dome. We looked at a bunch of telescopes, from 14"-22". Then, we ended up finding a 20"RC, all we had to do was find a way to actually get it! We wanted to get away from the 18' ladder we had in the dome, and get a eyepiece lower to the ground, so visitors would not have to climb up a ladder in the dark of the night. So, to make a long story short, the Yocum family made it possible for us to get a true research grade telescope. The telescope is an Optical Guidance Systems 20" RC, f8.1, with a Paul Jones Mirror. The scope is fitted with digital setting circles, JMI drive corrector, and an AP focuser with a Feather Touch fine focus. It is fitted to a OGS German Equatorial Drive, and is in our Ash Dome. The mirror was sent back to OGS in 2011 to be recoated, and collimated. OGS did a spectacular job, as the images were good before, but outstanding when it came back! Be sure to get a glimpse through this wonderful scope. M13 during the summer is way cool.........

Martin 18" JMI -  This Starport standard was given to us by Dennis Martin when, at the Oregon Star Party, he decided he needed to go big, or go home!  Dennis felt he needed a 20" Starmaster (see above)....  This 18" NGT, f4.5 Newtonian, with a Pegasus mirror, and Feather Touch fine focuser is a late night staff favorite.  It's wide, sharp image provides outstanding view of all those faint fuzzies, like nebulae and galaxies, that only come to focus in a large scope.  It's usually one of the last scopes to be put away for the night.

Porter 14", 11", 9.25" SCTs.  All three of these telescopes came from a generous donation from the Porter family.  All three are Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains with long focal lengths and compact designs.  That makes these ideal for a busy night in the Robert Glass Starport.  They tend to be the workhorses for our evening programs. If you want to view a lot of objects in a small amount of time, the compact design and easily moved CI700 mounts allow for quick transitions. The 14" has a 3910mm focal length (f11), the 11" has a 2800mm focal length (f10), and the 9.25" has a 2350mm focal length (f10).  These Celestron telescopes are popular telescopes and owned by many amateur astronomers.

Sunriver Rotary Club JMI NGT12.5- What a great scope. We added this scope in 2016, made possible from a donation from the Sunriver Rotary Club right here in Sunriver! The scope was quite the find, and is the same "baby" version of the  NGT18 we have here. It rotating cage makes it popular for viewing out on the deck. It is quickly becoming one of the favorites here.

Osborne 12.5 -- There is quite the story behind this telescope that was the first to be housed in our dome.  Next time you visit, ask a staff member!  The 12.5" Parks mirror, in it's rotating ring tube, rides on a Byers 812 mount. The 2825mm focal length in a Newtonian design, means a very long tube, and when that was in the dome, the eyepiece was nearly 12' in the air!  It's new home in the Starport makes it a much less intimidating climb to view out of this gem. This wonderful donation for Harold Osborne is our longest running telescope, and has been in continuous use since 1991! The Byers 812 mount was just overhauled in 2017 by our good friend Larry Myers, of Mountain Instruments fame..... 

Pestes 11 -- Celestron 11" 2800mm (f10) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT)

Tryon 11 CPC  -- This is the GPS guided goto version of Celestron's excellent 11", 2800mm (f10) SCT.  With an easy to use go to system, this portable scope is a major asset on busy nights.

Marcoe and Norton 10 -  This portable 10" Meade SCT fork mounted scope is another big help on busy nights and was donated in memory of Steven R. Marcoe and O. Richard Norton.

Celestron C8 --  We have five of these 2000mm (f10) SCTs.  These are outreach standards and very popular purchases for budding amateur astronomers.

Porter HD 150 - This is our largest aperture refracting telescope, another gem in the wonderful Porter donation. This 1200mm focal length (f6) was one of the main telescopes used during the last Venus transit!

Tryon 102 - This Televue 102mm aperture, 880mm focal length (f8.6) is an excellent planetary scope.  It usually spends it's nights on Jupiter, Saturn, or the Moon.  It's sharp image of these objects is a staff and crowd favorite.

YOUR NAME HERE- Tele Vue 101mm refractor. This scope is current being used for solar viewing along with our night time programs. We wanted to have a Tele Vue Refractor here that we sell. What a great scope, and a wonderful tool for showing the Sun, and much more. Great views to found in this scope on any given night.

Tele Vue 85 & 60 refractors are also here as demo scopes. Be sure to check those out!

Dobsonian mounted Newtonians

YOUR NAME HERE!- Orion 14" Intellicsope Yes, this telescope has no name attached to it, and is a demo here. But the staff would love for this to be a permanent home. So if you are interested, we would love to see a donation for this wonderful addition to the dob farm,,,,,,,,,

Lehner 10   -- Orion 10" donated in memory of Adrian Erich Lehner. Adrian was a great guy who really enjoyed astronomy. He was active at the Mt Bachelor Star Party for many years, and we miss him very much. However, his scope is used almost every night we are open...... I am sure he would of love that........

Yocum 10 -- Orion 10" Intelliscope with dual speed focus

Yocum 8 -- Orion 8" Intelliscope, one of our most popular scopes suede outside......

Yocum 8 -- Celestron Starhopper 8"- A Olde, but a goodie......... Don't tell anyone but I think we now have two of these...