Brothers Star Party




Brothers Star Party is planned for July 20th- 24th,  2017




The Brothers Star Party- formerly the Mt. Bachelor Star Party, is Central Oregon's newest dark site star party.


After spending many years on Mt Bachelor enjoying dark skies and sometimes incredible weather, the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver has a new star party home. 

Our Brothers Star Party location is just 42 miles east of Bend and a bit over 2 ½ miles off of US 20 on a good gravel and dirt road.  The elevation of the site is right at 4600 feet and the sky is dark, dark, dark.   

We’ve had three star parties at this site and the attendees have given this location a solid “thumbs up.”

The Brothers site is huge and there’s plenty of room for the largest RV’s as well as lots of places to set up.  There are virtually unobstructed views to the western, southern and eastern sky. The tiny “town” of Brothers is about 2 miles away east on Highway 20 and they close up tight about 6 PM. 

The Brothers Star Part is a fund raiser for the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

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