• Oregon Observatory...
    Out of This World, Right Under Your Nose.

    You've probably driven right by it. The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver opens a door to a place you've never been. From far-away galaxies and incredible nebulae, to planets, their moons, and the Sun. Visit during the day for solar viewing, or join us at night. It easily fits into a weekend vacation in Sunriver, Oregon. 

  • Image 01Lots of Telescopes

    When we open up our roof, we open up an out of this world view on our sky. Get expert guidance on all things astronomical. The Oregon Observatory offers many telescopes for your use, from a 30-inch Newtonian on down. With 12 telescopes running on any given night, there is plenty to see without long lines.

  • The Best Sightseeing in Sunriver 

    The nightlife in Sunriver begins at the Oregon Observatory. Feast your eyes on far-away galaxies and incredible nebulae. Our telescopes bring it to arms length for the entire family.  



  • Image 01

    Space In a Whole New Light

    The crystal-clear air and the high elevation makes Sunriver the perfect place for stargazing. Introduce your family to the heavens tonight. Our staff of astronomers are here to help and educate.

  • Once In A Lifetime Every Time

    The sights you'll see from our big telescopes are different every time. The Earth's orbit around the Sun means the visible night sky changes month to month. Come again and again, experience something new and be amazed.

  • Join us for a Rocket Launch

    The Oregon Observatory is also the home of an active rocketry club. We have on-site launches, as well as visit larger rocket launches in the desert east of Bend, and elsewhere in the Northwest. During the summer, our kid's rocketry classes are a blast!

  • Learn About Astronomy

    Our staff and volunteers happily share their knowledge and expertise on astronomy. Learn about current celestial events and the latest discoveries from outer space. Then head to the Observatory for a firsthand look.

  • Check Out Our Star

    The Sun is our closest star, and we'd love to show it to you. We have telescopes fitted with filters for safe viewing. Experience the Sun as you have never seen it before.